2 Very Important Traits of A Network MarketerPerhaps two of the most important traits you can develop as a network marketer are leadership ability and charisma. More importantly they have to become your “habits” because they are something you will want to repeatedly do until you feel as if you have no choice but to do them.

Now let’s get a little bit deeper on these 2 very important traits that as network marketer you must have.


Charisma is not something easily attained nor is it any one thing, as many people incorrectly categorize it. Rather, you can be rude and loud mouthed, but still have charisma. Likewise, you can be awkward or unconventional and still have charisma.

Being charismatic more importantly involves being confident in the type of person you are and then being able to repeatedly and consistently convey that image to members in your network. If you can do this clearly and boldly, people will want to follow you, regardless of your personality.

This is where our next important habit comes in leadership ability, which goes hand in hand with charisma.

Leadership Ability

If you’ve developed charisma, people now probably want to follow you the only question is where you will lead them.

  • Do you feel confident telling them how to replicate your success?
  • Do you feel confident telling them to do something you haven’t done, but know will work?
  • Are you decisive?

All of these things are important components of leadership ability. Without them, you may be able to attract people to become members of your network, but you will be unable to lead them to anything other than ruin, which doesn’t help anyone involved neither them nor you.

So keep this in mind when you are trying to develop new skills. Be self confident and build your network around your own personality. Don’t feel like you have to be constrained to work within a given image of what is conventional or acceptable. Rather, create a personality that attracts marketers and then lead them with clear, well thought out decisions.

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Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website ChristianCarpeso.com where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

    7 replies to "2 Very Important Traits of A Network Marketer"

    • Liz English

      Your right Christian, if you don’t have Charisma and Leadership Abilities you are a good Network Marketer, if you are lacking in those skills, you need to definitely get some training soon.

    • Stephanie Arwine

      Very important qualities of an entreprenuer.

    • Greg

      I agree with the leadership abilities, not too sure of the charisma as important but I can see from your post how you can see it as important. Thanks for sharing your insight.

    • Karishma

      Agree with you Christian. Very important qualities.

    • Lisa

      Definitely agree! Good leaders are usually very charasmatic! Confidence abounds!

    • Julie S Kalungi

      Charisma is either inborn and comes natural or its cultivated and fine tuned. Its not something you go get trained on, Its something you train yourself to become if not already a people magnet. Thats what it is being a magnet of some kind to others for whatever reason. Thus people say someone is Charismatic.

      Now Leadership on the other hand can be learned and also honed.Someone can teach you what they know and you develop or follow a system to pas it to others by example. Thus you lead by example!

      Both the above can hugely help make one highly visible to those they wish to attract f they know who their audience is!

    • Sheena

      yup those definitely needed in network marketing

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