"Image courtesy of sscreations / FreeDigitalPhotos.net".
“Image courtesy of sscreations / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Mike Dillard the “Godfather of Attraction Marketing” says that networkers are divided into three groups or levels.

These groups are called Beta, Pre Alpha and Alpha.

In this article you will know each group, their difference and their characteristics.

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Beta Networker


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First group of networkers that are mostly starting out on a network marketing and home based business industry.

Their characteristics are as follows:

  • They have low self confidence
  • They are mostly shy
  • They are not sure what they want to achieve in life
  • They have no clear goals
  • They still have no value to offer people
  • They still have no knowledge and skills about their business
  • They still rely on other people to solve the problems of their business
  • They like to blame people instead of taking responsibility
  • They still needed to be constantly motivated in order to take action

They are considered as followers and they consist of 80%-90% of a network marketing organization.

Pre-Alpha Networker

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    They are leaders on the rise. These networkers are starting to make effort in order to help out and assist their downlines and team mates.

  • They are starting out to learn and read books in order to add value to themselves that they can share people.
  • They are starting to have a clear vision and goals for their business.
  • They are starting to make consistent and massive actions to lead their group.

Alpha Networker


Leadership Concept
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This group consists of the top earners and successful leaders of any company. Aside from being very confident here are the characteristics of an alpha networker:

  • They have a lot of value to offer to the people that follow them.
  • They have a lot of knowledge and skills that people are wanting to learn.
  • They are not easily affected by criticism from negative people.
  • They are very focused on their goals and what they wanted to achieve in their business.

Only a small percentage of network marketers are alpha (1% – 3%) Why? Because only a few people are willing to take responsibilities, lead people and take massive action.

Which group of networker do you currently belong? Let me know.

If you think you’re still a Beta Networker or a Pre-Alpha Networker your goal is to be an Alpha Networker. If you want to learn how simply CLICK HERE!



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