4 Big Time Blog Commenting RulesHere are four big time blog commenting rules that you need to follow with regards to your blog comments. These are very simple things that you can routinely do in your blog that could possibly be rewarding in the long run.

1. Consistent Comment Moderation

Do not just allow comments in your blog because chances are you’re going to get comments from visitors that you do not want to publish. If you own a WordPress blog there’s a setting that you can activate for a regular commenter so that when he or she has an approved comment before, he or she can freely comment on your blog.

To do this, on your WordPress Dashboard, click Settings then Discussion, then select the option Comment author must have a previously approved comment.

Although you have activated this, keep in mind that you always want to moderate your comments. I doesn’t take too long to check your comments on a daily basis so you would definitely have to do it regularly. Don’t leave your commenters hanging out there because these visitors want to give their ideas, opinions and engage with you in a big way.

2. Replying To All Comments

Speaking of engagement this is something that is vitally important, that you respond to every single comment that you get on your blog especially when you’re just starting out.

If you’re a big time blogger and you’re getting hundreds of comments a day responding to all these comments can be a daunting task so you have to respond in a smart way but your visitors will surely appreciate it if you respond to their comments.

But again, if you’re just starting out and you’re getting one or two comments a day definitely respond and thank them for their comment, add some input, give them a link to an article or something that relates with what you’re talking about.

Provide that extra value by responding to those comments.

3. Mastering How To Identify SPAM Comments

This is a critical area that you really want to take into consideration. You need to learn how to recognize legitimate comments from SPAM. Once you get a hang of it they’re not really that hard to figure out. Once you distinguished those spam comments you have to delete it immediately because you will not want any junk on your blog. Additionally, you can just install a spam filter plugin. But even once the spam filter is in place things will still slip through. Learn to recognize those spam comments.

4. Give No Permission To Degrading Comments

This is probably the biggest one. Yes, there’s a need for transparency when you’re blogging but you must not allow anyone to degrade you on your blog like calling you a scam or put down whatever you’re doing and make you look bad. You don’t need to allow it because it’s your blog is your own real estate.

Would you allow a neighbor’s dog to come and poop in your yard? Hell NO!

But that’s exactly what some people will do on your blog. Don’t allow it! Delete it immediately.

The second thing is don’t allow anyone to leave a link that promotes any business or anything your blog. If there’s’ a link within the comments take it out immediately.

There’s an area where they can leave a link to their website in WordPress comments and that’s the only place where you can allow them to put their link.

So don’t allow comments that not only disparage your brand in any way, shape or form. It could be you personally, your company, someone associated with your company, maybe the president of your company has something out there or the owner of the company, someone is talking bad about him, delete it.

It is your house. You’re the one with the authority on who’s going to be invited or what things you will allow them to do.Make sure that you don’t allow advertising on your site for other stuff. If someone puts a link to another business or whatever get rid of that too.

Now there’s a big debate in the blogging world as to where you want to activate comments on your blog or not. Now that you’ve learned this rules it’s now up to you to disable it or not.

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Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website ChristianCarpeso.com where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

    19 replies to "4 Big Time Blog Commenting Rules"

    • Jumair Macabago

      This was awesome. Considering that your blog is your house, you own the rules. Never let someone poop in your yard(Blog Post). I haven’t encounter a spam yet, thanks for sharing this… I am aware now and start changing my blog settings… love this..

      • Christian Carpeso

        You are most welcome Jumair and thank you too for leaving a comment. I’m glad this blog post made an impact in your blogging strategy.

    • Darren

      Thanks Christian, some really great tips here! Really helpful 🙂

      • Christian Carpeso

        You’re welcome Darren! I’m glad that you’ve find it helpful. By the way thank you too for taking the time to check out my article and also leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

    • David Thompson

      Awesome tips on the comments in your posts on your blog. It is critical to monitor it because lots of garbage comments (spam) will end up on your site and do your blog harm. Thanks for sharing these important tips.

      • Christian Carpeso

        Honestly David when I learned about moderating my blog comments I’ve immediately starting implementing it. You are most welcome by the way. Thank you too for leaving a comment.

    • Stephanie Arwine

      You are so right Christian. The thing I see is that bloggers leave themselves open for criticism if they don’t have they few, simple things in mind when it comes to comments. Will tweet for you.

      • Christian Carpeso

        I really appreciate the tweet Stephanie. I’m glad you got value out of this article.

    • Vitaliy

      Awesome Christian, great tips on commenting! Thanks for sharing

      • Christian Carpeso

        You’re welcome Vitaliy. I’m glad that you keep coming back and checking out my stuff. Thank you for that.

    • Sonny Lanorias

      Hey Christian,

      Great tips you have there bro! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      ~ Sonny

      • Christian Carpeso

        You’re always welcome bro.

    • Louisa Pieterse

      Hi Christian, a series of really good points. Thanks.

      • Christian Carpeso

        You are so much welcome Louisa. I really do hope this helps you in moderating comments in your blog.

    • Allan Mantaring

      Very helpful articles Bro, it will help me a lot how to improve my blogging career.

      • Christian Carpeso

        I sure hope it will really help your blogging career Allan. By the way thank for dropping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it.

    • PHC-BR

      I agree with you Christian we add so much time, energy and research to provide the highest amount of value to our users that we might forget about these important rules. Great read thanks for sharing.

      • Christian Carpeso

        As simple as this may be it has become much, much more important in ranking nowadays because search engines are looking for more user-engagement. You are most welcome Pedro. By the way, thank you also for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    • PHC-BR

      We add so much time, energy and research to provide the highest amount of value to our users that we might forget about these important rules. Great read thanks for sharing.

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