5 Ways On How To Effectively Use Social Media On Your Business

Social Media Diagram On Laptop Shows Information And Communication

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In today’s post I’d like to share 5 ways on how you can effectively use social media on your business. But before we dive into that I’d like to give a definition on what social media is.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is the sharing of news, content, audio, photos, video, pictures with people in your network. Here is where you share with people you know or to people who probably want to know you. With this process you’ll become discoverable. This is due to what your friends or people within your network will begin to re-share your posts. Each time they do this you’re being exposed to new people.

Some of the Most Popular Social Media

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google+ (popular among photographers)
  4. Pinterest (a visual search engine)
  5. Meetup.com (I’m currently active in one Meetup group here in Dubai)
  6. Online forums

Okay! Now that we’ve defined what social media is and what are the popular flatforms out there, here are the 5 ways on how to effectively use social media on your business:

  1. Share information in a courteous and informative way.
  2. Do not overstep. Don’t worry about getting everybody to like you. What matters is that you’re connecting with people that you need to.
  3. Don’t be needy. Don’t lurk or stalk. Be genuine, active and involved.
  4. Share your personality and passions.
  5. Always think before you post.

Although there’s a lot going on in social media it’s really that simple. And if you implement this 5 ways I’ve shared here, you can start to seeing some real-world professional results.




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