7 Major Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Definitely A Must Today​So why video marketing?

To start off, realize that every action that you take depends upon your understanding on why something is important or crucial or your motivations behind it. These seven reasons will help you see why video marketing is so powerful you’ll be compelled to take action and make videos. Additionally, this will wipe away any hesitation or fear that you may or have when creating videos.

So here are the seven major reasons why video marketing is definitely a must today.

1. Higher Engagement

Currently, compared to any other type of content out there, videos gets more engagement. People love to consume information quickly especially now we live in a very fast paced and entertainment based society. People prefer to watch a video than to read a blog post and more often will result in people watching your whole video then either liking it, sharing it or commenting on it which then will boost your engagement even more.

2. Builds Immediate Trust and Rapport

With video people get to see your eye moment and body language. Basically, they get a glimpse of your energy and your emotion which will help build that know, like and trust factory instantly. You’re getting connected with them instantly. They get to feel what it is like to be talking with you.

3. Extremely Search Friendly

If you’re leveraging video sites that run on search like YouTube and you have a content that is optimized and created with a purpose, that content can be found by people that are searching on Google.

4. Reach a Lot of People with a Small Budget

If you’re willing to commit the time and effort you can make up for a lack of budget. You can literally use your smartphone and immediately create videos and serve it to your target market.

5. Conveys Messages More Powerfully

People can feel like they have eye contact with you, they can see your gestures, they can see all your mannerism, they can hear your tone, they can feel your emotion. When people can have that feeling and impression about you it will help them move into a buying decision.

6. Create Lifetime Leverage

When you have videos out there it is possible to create leads and sales on a daily basis passively. You’ll get emails of commission notifications, people you’ve never talked before send you a message on Facebook and tell you that they were inspired by your video and bought something that you’re offering.

7. 78% of People Watch Videos Online Every Week

Nowadays, people are always watching videos. From smartphones, tablets and televisions. With this in mind, you’ll want to be the person that they are watching because you’ll be the one that’s going to help them get what they want.

So now that you have enough reasons to get in video marketing the next step is to actually create a video, right? I got you covered.

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