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No Idea What to Write About?
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Are you an OFW online marketer? Have you just incorporated blogging in your marketing strategy because you’ve heard all the wonderful benefits of having a blog?

If your answer is “YES” to these questions, I want to ask you again something, “Are you having trouble what you’re going to write?”

Let me help you with that. Here’s a very simple blogging tip to help you start out with your blog.

NOTE: This is just a suggestion for those who OFWs are just starting out on blogging. As you go deeper into this activity, it’s necessary that you advance yourself on blogging by posting relevant topic for your prospects.

If your business opportunity has a Facebook Group Page, check out the questions that people ask there and the answers that they’ve received and make a blog post about that.

Even if you’re not the one who answered the question it can work to.

This is especially powerful when it’s a question regarding your opportunity.

So when someone asks the question about the same topic you can just direct them to your blog post.

This is leverage and increases your credibility ranking because you’re positioning yourself as someone who acknowledges the needs of people and provides solution for their problems.

So go ahead and try this. And please let me know what are those questions that you’ve answered and made a blog post about it. Just post it on the comment box.

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