Can You Make Money with Blogging?

Can You Make Money with BloggingWhen it comes to making money through blogging your first consideration is the audience that you are catering to and the topic that you’re going to write about. Out of all the subjects on the internet, money is one of the most discussed topics. It’s not a surprise that blogs about this subject has a lot of readers and followers as well as making a ton-load of revenue.

Let’s go over some details on how you can make money with blogging.

Once you’ve decide to choose this topic it’s fairly simple do:

  1. You make money online
  2. Explain to your readers the exact steps on how they can do it on their own

If you are someone who’s just starting out you have to be creative in order to show your audience that you’re credible. If you are able to this, blogging about money can be very lucrative for you.

One thing that I have to warn you is about writing an article about your monthly income reports. Do not make the mistake of displaying figures in the $0 – $100 range as this would not entice your readers to follow your advice. Imagine if a blogger is just only making $20 a month would you become interested in following his tips? Of course not.

Be creative. This is probably the best idea to get readers and followers. Try to do some research on other websites and then publish the results on your blog. This will be so much interesting for your audience and they will start following you even if you don’t make money yet.

Ideas are also worth spending time on. Beginner internet marketers might find your ideas cool, so you might be able to gather a large enough group and set up something like a group challenge. For example, you can set the goal of building a website and make your first $100 from it within three months.

Of course, you need to have a method to share with your followers, to guide them and to help them in your collective effort of generating some money, no matter how little.

If you are lucky, some already famous internet marketer might write about your challenge, case in which you may end up so popular, that you’ll have to spend hours each day only reading your email. Well, you can make your own luck, you know? Once you have your challenge setup in detail, write a cool letter to all internet marketers that are older in the business than you and ask them to review your idea. If you send out 200 letters, you might receive 4-5 reviews.

Other beginners could also help you. Encourage them to promote your challenge on their blogs. Become friends. Help each other. You never know which of those people will become a leader in the field. In a few years time, you might be happy for knowing that person since their beginnings in the industry. Those are the friendships that last and bring you all benefits. You can always set up JVs with those friends of yours.

Whatever you do, never forget to educate yourself in your niche. If you blog about making money online, read as much literature on the topic as you can find. There are some really good blogs out there, so subscribe to their feed, watch them, interact with those communities and you’ll see the benefits in no time.

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9 comments on “Can You Make Money with Blogging?

  1. People love blogs, and they love the information that is given from a blog! Giving consistent value from your blog, and yes, you can make money from a blog!

  2. Your Right Christian Blogging works!..if you don’t educate yourself about what you are doing you won’t get any results. As people questions and provide them with solutions. Thanks for sharing Christian. :-)

  3. Love the post! Making an income through blogging is so much fun :) I love the idea of doing a JV with other bloggers… have never hear to that one before so will be looking more into it!

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