Cold Market Prospecting A Very Simple Strategy

Cold Market Prospecting A Very Simple Strategy

Why You Should Learn Cold Market Prospecting?

Here’s something that I’ve learned from Ray Higdon about why you should learn cold market prospecting.

  1. They don’t know your resume. Unlike your friends and family the people that you people that don’t know you, don’t know your track record, they don’t know your resume, they don’t know if you’ve struggled, they don’t know if you’ve already earned, they don’t know any thing about your past.
    And if you don’t have a history of success that’s an advantage for you.
  2. Compared to your warm market there’s more of them out there. There are more people that don’t know you.
  3. There’s a chance that you will recruit someone who doesn’t have a large warm market and most people don’t have. And they will need to learn cold market prospecting.

Simple steps to cold market prospecting

  1. Minimize the words that you say to people. Have a much more comprehensive strategy, do it step by step and don’t try to sponsor them immediately
  2. If they get negative or rude just say thank you for time and I wish you all the best. Chances are you will not encounter them anymore. Don’t get emotionally attached.
  3. Be natural. Approach them in a way you would normally approach someone. Do not try to sound strange, odd, or creepy.

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