Facebook Recruiting Secrets – Closing Your Prospects into Your Business

This is the last piece of the puzzle in the Facebook recruiting series that I’ve published over the past few days. And in this article I will talk about how to close your prospect into your opportunity.

If you’ve missed the other articles regarding Facebook recruiting here’s where you can immediately find them:

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  4. How to Get Your Prospect on the Phone

Now let’s get into the topic.

I’ll assume that you’ve read the other articles otherwise this will not make sense to you. I suggest you go back and read all the other articles before proceeding.

If you’re following this series or have read all the articles, it’s time that you close your prospect into your business opportunity.

This is the most important step because this where you will earn money.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this step I just want to stress out that being successful in the network marketing industry is a process both in mindset and skills. It’s going to take some time and skill sets if you want to go from struggling to being successful in this industry. And if you have the right skill set and you’re constantly working on yourself, you will unstoppable.

Now closing not really begins when you pick up the phone and dial it. It begins the moment you’ve started having a conversation with your prospect. And if you follow the steps that lead you to closing your prospect closing is not that hard especially if you’ve established rapport with them.

If they’re asking you for more information you’re pretty much sure that they’re qualified for your business.

Just like any skills, closing is something that you’re not going to be good at so here are some tips that you can apply when you’re starting out:

  • Setup your upline for a 3-way call
  • Use tools that will do the work for you
  • Get a course on phone skills and recruiting and then put it into action

You will want to get a course on phone skills and recruiting because you don’t want to always rely on your upline and on tools.

As many people have said this is a relationship business and as soon as you establish a personal connection through the phone with you prospects the more people you will sponsor in your opportunity.

When you get good on the phone anything is possible. Although that it’s going to take some time to good at it, when you do it over and over again you will get the results that you wanted.

By the way, this might be the best training on sponsoring people into your business I’ve ever seen. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE: Master Sponsoring Series

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on Facebook recruiting and I’m looking forward that you get more leads and signups using this strategy.

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  • Vitaliy

    Reply Reply August 19, 2015

    Hey Christian that’s awesome, love those tips you shared it will definitely help people recruit more on Facebook!

  • Leslie Lane Peabody

    Reply Reply August 19, 2015


  • Leslie Lane Peabody

    Reply Reply August 19, 2015

    This was a great blog! I loved the information you shared. Thank you so much!

    • Christian Carpeso

      Reply Reply August 19, 2015

      You’re welcome Leslie. Thanks also for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  • Stephanie Arwine

    Reply Reply August 19, 2015

    You always provide such great value. Will Tweet for you.

    • Christian Carpeso

      Reply Reply August 19, 2015

      That’s great Stephanie! I would really, really love that!

  • Julie Syl Kalungi

    Reply Reply August 19, 2015

    Hey Christian,

    Its very important indeed to learn phone skills and closing is an art form. All the tips you have given will help more people to build relationships which is the main aim of social media and helping these people solve their problems.

  • Sonny Lanorias

    Reply Reply August 20, 2015

    Hey Chris,

    Great post! You just nailed it down. Thanks for sharing your tips. It will indeed help a lot of marketers out there. Cheers!

    ~ Sonny

  • Debbie Pylant Vick

    Reply Reply August 22, 2015

    Great blog thank you for the tips 🙂

  • David Batchelor

    Reply Reply August 26, 2015

    Hey Chris,

    Great post! You just nailed it. In fact that is what Hannah Hollis used to create 6 thousand per month residual income with Unlimited Profits in only 5 months.

    ~ David

  • Kristen Johnson

    Reply Reply August 27, 2015

    Getting on the phone and closing the sale is always the key to success. Get them off line ASAP! Great article.

    • Christian Carpeso

      Reply Reply August 27, 2015

      The good thing about getting your prospect on the phone is that adds a personal touch especially now that most transactions are done online.

  • Marko 'X Ray Cat'

    Reply Reply August 27, 2015

    Thanks christian for sharing these valuable tips.

    As with anything, you get good by doing..and doing some more..and more 🙂

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