On my previous two blog post about Facebook recruiting I’ve talked about how you can find your perfect prospect in groups and fan pages and how to make an initial conversation with the prospect that you will find.

In this article I will talk about how to get the conversation going so you can introduce your opportunity or any that you want to promote.

Building Rapport

This is where most people struggle. Why? Because most people have no patience and that’s totally understandable because maybe they’re just starting out and want to immediately get back the money that they’ve invested.

But taking this road will just ruin your relationship with your prospects, instead take your time and do this right because eventually you will not only bring people into your opportunity it’s possible that you can also keep them for a very long time.

What Not to Do When Building Rapport

  • Until your prospect ask or you’re given a go signal, DO NOT SEND ANY LINKS!
  • Avoid conversations that consist of short messages. Be detailed as much as you can with your prospect. Have something to talk about to get the conversation going.
  • As a general rule, unless you’re asked do not introduce your offer until you and your prospect sent back and forth 3 messages. There are some exceptions and these include those that will ask about your business right away or there’s a chance that you really can’t refuse.
  • Never get defensive when someone is bashing you or your opportunity. I see a lot of network marketers who cannot refuse the urge to defend themselves and their company. Do not make this mistake. Just move on. Your time is so precious to waste it with this kind of prospect. Do not worry about it. Just know it, accept it and move forward.

What to Do When Building Rapport

  • Make yourself to be somewhat of an authority figure. Make yourself attractive with the way you do business, the way you talk and the way you interact with your prospects. Be caring about people, listen to them and become a problem solver based on the struggles that you have seen other people have.
  • Ask a lot of questions to get the conversation going.
  • When you saw an opportunity to where you can actually send them a link, bring it up casually.
  • Prepare some content in the form of videos, blogs and articles. This will make you credible and somewhat of an expert. You’ll be regarded as someone who’s following the industry and will make you look that you know you’re talking about. Of course on your part you really have to understand also the content that you’re putting out.
  • Focus on the response of your prospect during your conversation. Read what they are replying to you and then rehash it.
  • If they ask what you do casually mention it and end it with a question.
  • Find out if there’s an opening for your business opportunity. Does your prospect have a problem? Is there’s something that you can solve? Are their lives perfect? Do they have a hole in their life that you can fill with your business?
  • Say something new about your company or something that will pique a little interest. It doesn’t have to be that extreme.
  • Build yourself as the authority figure, someone they can turn to for advice.

Once they’ve asked how you do the specifics of your business you know that you’ve done a good job of building rapport.

Even if you haven’t made any money yet there are ways you can position yourself. Learn things about the industry and pass it on. Learn something that’s valuable to someone else because it’s guaranteed that they’re going to want to learn it. Whether they want to learn it from you or the person they’ve originally came from it doesn’t matter they still look at you as the authority figure.

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