If you’ve following my blog posts on Facebook recruiting I’m sure by know you have learned a lot. I’ve covered finding the perfect prospect to the initial conversation up to building rapport. Hopefully by following those tips you’ve already gotten some amazing results.

Today we’re going to take your Facebook recruiting to the next level by learning how to get your prospects on the phone.

Again, if you’ve been following my series on Facebook recruiting this step will be a piece of cake. Your prospects already FEEL like they know you and will definitely want to check you out to make sure if you’re a legitimate person. Also on this stage you can pretty much say to them what you want to say.

Now here’s a format you can send them to get them on the phone:

“Here’s my phone number if you have questions.”

(Then give your phone number).

“Send me yours if you’d like so I know whose calling me.”

Using this tactic your prospect will think that you’ve only getting their number so you will know whose calling you and that you will never call them.

Of course once you get their number you definitely have to call them and follow up.

Most people get nervous when you ask for their phone number but once you’ve established rapport with them, talked about the business and gave some information, they will most likely give their phone number especially if they’re serious.

Combined with this tactic and the previous tips that I’ve cover plus commitment and consistency to this strategy there’s a high probability that they either join your business of purchase the thing that you’re offering.

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