Prospecting is one of the many ways to generate leads for your network marketing business. Before the advent of social media network marketers do this offline by approaching people and try to prospect them to their business.

This type of prospecting has now been brought to online and majority of network marketers are primarily using Facebook to find prospects for their business.

On my previous blog post here, I’ve given specific steps so you can find the perfect prospect your business so that you can utilize your time and effort effectively.

Once you’ve find your perfect prospect it’s time to have and initial conversation with them.

In this blog post I will give you 5 steps on how to start a conversation with your prospect with a guaranteed higher response rate.

Step 1 – Send a Personal Message with Their Name on the Subject Line

Example: “Hey Christian!”

As simple as this step may be, this is where most people mess up. It’s totally understandable that you immediately get out there and promote your business but in order to fully utilize this strategy effectively you need to have a little patience and be willing to slow down.

You have to pay attention and get to know your perfect prospect first. In order to do this you need to send them a personal message with their name on the subject line.

Doing this will set you apart from amateurs and your prospect will know that it’s a personal message rather just a copy-paste message like most spammers out there.

Step 2 – Look at Their Profile And Find A Common Ground

Approach them with something that you can relate to them.

Step 3 – Make The Initial Message Just A “Hello!”

This is a crucial step because this is where you’re going to break the ice on whether your prospect will respond to you or not.

Under any circumstance, DO NOT GIVE ANY LINKS no matter what they are. Whether it’s your fan page or your website, don’t ever include that in your initial message. Sending out links will set an alarm to your prospect and you don’t want that to happen on this stage.

Make it very personal.

Step 4 – Tell Them Why You’re Messaging Them

Be sincere. Take the time to learn about your prospect before pitching them or bringing up your business.

Step 5 – End Your Initial Conversation with This Message

“Just curious, but what do you do?”

Unless it’s extremely obvious on their profile do not send “what do you do?” because it will show that you didn’t have the consideration to look at their profile.

That’s the initial message.

Again, do not post any links of any kind at this stage. Make it very personal. You want to get a response.

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