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Never Worry About What to Write Again
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I’ve just received a question from someone asking me about blogging. Here’s the question:2014-01-25_0745

Hello Sir Christian! Good day! I’ve been following your blog this past week and your tutorial on how to make a blog and a website because I’ve just bought a training and I don’t know what topic to post in my blog. Can you help me? Thanks! I’m Rhea Delen from Saudi Arabia

Actually, this was also the same problem I had encountered when I was starting on blogging:

  • I just don’t know what to write about
  • I just don’t know what to do

Here’s a tip that I’ve learned from Ty Tribble, the #1 Blogger Worldwide on the Subject of Network Marketing, on how you can get started on blogging the fastest and easiest way. You can literally do this for 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days and be successful at blogging.

It’s by posting other people’s content or blog posts on your blog. Specifically Ty calls it “socially-proven” content. These are articles that people are already reading, tweeting it on Twitter and posting it on Facebook.

You can find those articles in these 2 websites:

  • Alltop.com “All the top stories” – this is a listing of top blogs by subject. These are top quality blogs. No SPAM but the real deal.
  • Popurls.com “Popular urls to the latest web buzz” – this are the list of the popular urls on the internet for that given day. What are people tweeting? What are people Facebooking?

Once you find an article, here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Write a couple sentences describing these pre-written articles. What you like best about the article? “Here’s an article by Christian Carpeso… Here’s what I like best about it…”
  • Say what you liked best about the article and about the author.

Why do you need to do this?

You’re borrowing their socially-proven content. You’re ethically stealing their content. All you need to do is to put a link back to the original article on the blog post that you’ve just created.

And chances are there’s a good possibility the original author will go to your blog and thank you.

Although it’s not originally yours, you’re still providing value to your prospects. and

You’re also learning at the same time. You’re learning more about this industry as a whole; on internet marketing, on network marketing, from thought leaders, from industry leaders.

You’re reading multiple blog posts a day, picking up some great ones, putting it on your blog, and driving people to them, the authors are thanking you and you know what’s going to happen you’re going to get ideas and you’ll eventually posting you’re own articles that your prospects would like to read.

Here’s a sample blog post that I’ve just created: Isang Successful Na Network Marketer May STD Daw…

And you know what? You have my permission to steal this article that you’re just reading right now and post it on you blog at this very moment. And guess what? You already have a new blog post.

So start right NOW.

Once you’ve created your new blog post, come back here and post the link of your new article so I can check it out.

To Your Unstoppable Success,
Christian Carpeso

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