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Passion is something that seems present and shines through on great blogs. “Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /”.

I came across a great blog post by Darren Rowse and how he tried to give a 140-character guide on how to make your blog set apart or stand out from other blogs.

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He gave a couple of ingredients, in 3 sets, which I find it funny and interesting. Here are the 3 sets:

1st Set – Initial List

  • Credibility
  • Share Your Opinion
  • Great Writing
  • Ability to Connect
  • Understanding Readers
  • Injecting Personality

2nd Set – Brainstormed List

  • Great blog design
  • Tell Stories
  • Use Great Visuals
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Be prolific
  • Be funny
  • Be smart
  • Be first
  • Write great headlines

3rd Set – Ingredients from Personal Favorite Blogs and What Makes Them Stand Out

  • Be Useful
  • Be Entertaining
  • Take note of your readers
  • Have a different spin on things
  • Be Original

But what I really love is not about the ingredients that I’ve learned. It’s about something that really make sense in everything that we do not just on blogging.

And that’s about PASSION.

Here’s what Darren has to say about it:

“There are plenty of bloggers that do the things in the lists above. There are bloggers sharing opinions, writing well, with a heart to connect, with great personalities…. bloggers who are smart, funny, prolific, original, entertaining and bundles of wonderful!

But something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love is passion.”

It really does make sense.

Your blogging would be worthless if don’t love what you’re doing; if you don’t have the joy doing it; if you’re not enjoying doing it; if you don’t have the passion doing it.

Of course finding passion on blogging is really difficult if you have no idea how to start specially what to write about.

Not to worry! Just check out this blog post that I’ve made: Fast and Very Easy Way to Get Started on Blogging.

I hope you got a lot of information from this article.

Until my next blog post.

To Your Success,

Christian Carpeso

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Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

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