How Changing Your Mindset Can Help Bring You Success

How Changing Your Mindset Can Help Bring You SuccessHave you heard of this phrase?

“Mindset before skill set.”

You hear people talk about mindset every day. But why? Why is it that they’ve talked about it too much? Why changing your mindset can help bring success into your business?

Well, it’s because it’s true. If your mindset, if your thoughts, if your beliefs are not in line with what you want in your business or in life, you’re in trouble and you need that to turn around.

First, most of us, we’re battling years of programming. These include programming from:

  • Our family and friends
  • Television
  • Media

These factors are working against us and have been pounding into our head over the years that had become actually part of our beliefs system and many times it these beliefs and these thoughts that are working against us in our business.

Things like,

“Don’t take risks!”

“Go out and get yourself a really good job and make sure you support your family.”

Our parents have drilled that to us. Not that it’s a bad advice but if you don’t have any entrepreneurial people in your family it can be a big transition.

Another example is,

“People who sell are bad!”

“Rich people can’t be trusted and they don’t really care about the rest of us.”

That’s some kind of pre-programming that can really hold you back in your business for sure.

But why is it that thoughts have such a huge effect on either our success or failure?

I wanted to show an example and how all this fit together and especially how this may apply to your business.

TBAR CircleRefer to image at the right.

What really happen is that your thoughts become your beliefs. When you think about something over and over again, it becomes a belief. It can be positive or negative. Your belief then will drive your actions and your actions will dictate your results.

It becomes something that either feeds back positively on itself and you get more results or it can work the other way where it can work negatively so that you get no results. It then feeds back into you negative a thought pattern until the whole thing starts over again into a vicious cycle.

Let’s apply this with your business.

In MLM prospecting. Most likely you are in MLM and maybe struggled with talking to people about your business and prospecting. At some point maybe your thoughts becomes like this or maybe you think repeatedly,

“I’m not good at talking to people about my business; I’m not just good at it.”

“My friends and family think it’s dumb.”

“Nobody wants to join my team.”

“I really have nothing to offer to people.”

When you think these things over and over and over again all of the sudden you find yourself believing,

“I suck at prospecting!”

“I’m really bad at this!”

“I’m no good at recruiting people into my team.”

“Maybe this whole MLM thing doesn’t work for me.” (This is worst that you can think of)

These things then start to become beliefs in your head and what happens is your actions then would be basically leads to a lack of action or a total lack of action.

  • You don’t talk to enough people
  • You don’t call your leads like you should
  • You don’t get anyone to see your presentation

The result to follow would pretty best be nothing. It just all started with those negative thoughts that became negative beliefs that limited your actions and your results were basically nothing.

Then what happens is when you get no results it feeds back into your thoughts,

“See? I was right. I’m not good at this.”

And it becomes a cycle of negative feedback on your thoughts and your beliefs up to the point it builds up.
That’s the reason many people quit. They say to themselves they’re not good at it or the whole MLM thing doesn’t work.

But what if you turn that around?

What if instead of telling yourself that , “I’m not good at talking to people,” what if you thought,

“I’m getting better and better every day at talking to people about my business.”

Or instead of, “My friends and family thinks it’s dumb!” What if you’re thinking?

“It doesn’t matter what my friends and family think, I don’t need their approval. I know this is going to work.”

And instead of saying,

“Nobody wants to join my team!”

“I have nothing to offer!”

Instead you’d say something,

“I’m getting better and better every day and people are lucky to join my team because I’m going to explode pretty soon.”

If you can replace those kinds of thoughts your beliefs will start to sky rocket. You start thinking,

“I’m really getting great at prospecting and recruiting and this one thing is going to help me break out of my job and give me the life I want.”

That is such a different and then your actions would follow. You get more positive feedback in what you’re doing to yourself and you start calling more people, you start talking to more people, you start getting more people to sign up. The result would start to come and it would feedback positively.

Because of these results you will now start thinking,

“Now it’s working!”

“Now I can do this!”

You start seeing your results just building and the momentum would grow in your business.

That is the power of your thoughts.

And that’s why is mindset is so important. And that’s why all the leaders are drilling that into you because they understand that your success starts with your thoughts and your beliefs.

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