How Few Postured Network Marketers Loose Their Posture in Prospecting

How Few Postured Network Marketers Loose Their Posture in ProspectingI know the title might be confusing but trust me it’s possible for a postured network marketer to lose their posture will prospecting.

But before we get into that, first let’s talk about what being postured is when you’re prospecting, recruiting and closing people into your business.

Being postured means you know what you have without the need for external acceptance or approval. Basically it means you don’t care if the person that you’re prospecting, whether it’s a family member, a friend or a stranger, is cynical or skeptical or negative.

You’re not looking for either their acceptance or approval in what you’re doing. Your posture doesn’t care.

On the other hand, for the majority of network marketers, they’re just not postured. They are either begging or pleading to their prospects to join their opportunity. They are hoping that at least someone will join them. And if someone says bad things to them or their company they immediately get defensive and frustrated, zero posture.

There are of course few network marketers that has learned what posture is and some of these people although they initially have posture in the prospecting process eventually lose their posture.

But how?

It goes like this:

A postured network marketer will say something like, “Hey, I got to jump on his conference call, but I’m just curious would you be at all open to side a project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing.”

That’s a postured way of approaching someone. You don’t really care if that person will say “Yes” or “No” but at least you’re going to ask them the question.

Now here’s most postured network marketers lose their posture:

When the prospect expresses their interest and says something like, “Well yes, I might be interested.”

They go like,

“Really? You’d be interested?”

“That’s awesome!”

“Let me tell you how awesome it is. It’s amazing, it’s incredible, it’s ground floor, and it’s a billion dollar opportunity. You’d be rich!”

Doing this they lose their posture and go into something that Ray Higdon calls “Eagerness Mode.”

You want to manage your eagerness. Stay postured throughout the entire process.

Ray Higdon discussed more about eagerness in his cold market prospecting training. You can check it out here.

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