How to Create A Stunning Blog Photo Using Canva

How to Create Stunning Blog Photo Using CanvaEver wonder how to create stunning photos for your blog that’s shareable on social media and attracts users to read your article?

In my latest video you will learn how easy it to do using free tools on the internet. Watch the video below:

Create your blog photos here: Canva

Get FREE stock photos here: Freerange Stock

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14 comments on “How to Create A Stunning Blog Photo Using Canva

  1. Hey I actually started using Canva about a week ago after a webinar I was on. I was introduced to the program and given a tutorial as well. Its definitely something I will be using each and every time I need a good looking Facebook Ad. Great video Christian. To your success my friend.

  2. Yea, like Kenneth said, I recently restumbled onto Canva after seeing how someone was using it and how much I was leaving on the table by not taking advantage of all it’s features. Thanks for the awesome share here.

    • Honestly Daniel it’s just one of the things that you can use it. It’s also perfect when creating image for Facebook ads and Instagram posts.

    • You should Sue. Honestly I gave the exact components that you need so you don’t to figure it out. All you have to do is just change the image, font, font color, etc. to your liking.

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