How to Generate Leads Online Using Facebook

How to Generate Leads Online Using FacebookDo you want to know how to generate leads online using Facebook.

This is a latest strategy that I’ve learned where you will use a very specific type of post or status update.

There are 4 types of status updates that you can post on Facebook and these are:

  • text post
  • link post
  • image post
  • video post

Recently out these 4 types of post Facebook is giving priority on how it appears on the newsfeed and this specific type of post is the video post.

Just take a short scan on your Facebook newsfeed and you’ll see what I mean.

More videos are organically appearing on the newsfeed.

Why You Need to Use Video More Often on Your Marketing

And here’s more, there’s a couple of very significant things that happened recently that you’ll find very interesting:

  • The number of videos that has been upload on Facebook has increased compared to the number of videos uploaded on YouTube. (Refer to the chart below by Social Bakers)charts-01-3-
  • You can now directly upload a video on Facebook, you now have an option whether to upload it separately on YouTube or not
  • Videos uploaded on Facebook get more views than those uploaded on YouTube by a surprising 52 times more

I hope by now that it’s obvious where I’m going with these. This latest strategy that I want to share with you is the use of videos and how to get leads online using this technique. Heck, you can even use this strategy to generate leads online free of charge.

For these strategy we will be using a very specific style of video. And this type of video is what I call a video teaser.

The goal of this video teaser is to send people to your website or blog. Nothing else.

5-Step Video Teaser Formula

There are 5 parts on these video teaser that will help you easily create this video.

  1. The video should be 30-45 seconds long. Most Facebook users watch this long on average
  2. On the first 5 seconds of your video you have to immidiately catch the attention of your viewer. You do this by asking a questions like, “Do you want to know how to generate leads online?” or “Struggling how to generate your own leads?”
  3. Give your introduction. Have your viewer get curious by immediately establishing a personal connection. Tell them who you are, what you do and what you’re going to tell them. An example would be, “Hi, I’m Christian Carpeso and I help network marketers lead generation techniques using blogging and video marketing.”
  4. Get into the content of where you’re going to send them
  5. Call to action. This is the most important part of your video teaser. You have to give your viewer a strong and firm command to go where you want them to go otherwise they won’t take action

There you have it. A very simple and easy strategy that you can implement right now to generate leads on the internet.

Remember, the goal of your video teaser in not to educate but to send your viewer to your website or blog.

[Video] How to Generate Leads Online Using Facebook

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