How to Get Past Mental Blocks in Your MLM Business

How to Get Past Mental Blocks in Your MLM BusinessIn this article I’m going to share with you how to overcome mental blocks and mindset issues in your network marketing business.

If you’re a network marketer and you still don’t have the results that you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you’re struggling with mindset issues. Some the possible reasons can be:

  • You’re still trying to find your purpose
  • You’re still trying to create a vision of who you want to become
  • You’re still trying to find yourself
  • You’re thinking that with your background you cannot build a network marketing business
  • Everyone in your area is skeptical about network marketing

All these issues can be overcome including things that you could possibly struggling with MASSIVE ACTION. This maybe a very, very bold suggestion but I guarantee you that it will work.

Let me explain to you why it actually works.

1. It Prevents Thinking Time

When you aren’t taking action you have too much free time to think about things. That’s a problem because if we have enough time to think about things you are going to go to the negative, that’s just what it is. By taking action it actually replaces the thinking time because it will prevent you from overthinking your situation or prevent you from thinking too much and that’s a big deal because it’s always going to be negative.

2. It Will Actually Change Your Results

For most people no matter how much they’ve been told not to look at their results and that they can’t change those results by looking at it, they can’t help it.

Maybe that’s you also. You see someone being awarded on stage or hit a big rank and you tell to yourself, “I’m not the one there” or “They got in after me.” But the thing is you can’t change your results by just staring at your current situation. You could only change the habits that will create those results. Action is the only thing that could possibly change those results.

Actions which are shift of habits, going from inaction to action, will create new results. Then when you look upon your results you’ll say, “Hey, I’m finally getting somewhere.”

Start Taking Action to Overcome Mental Blocks

So you got to take action. But what specific actions that you need to take? Here’s a couple of them:

  • Prospecting imperfectly
  • Talking to people when you don’t know exactly what to say
  • Calling people when you’re feeling uncomfortable
  • Reaching out to people when you don’t feel like it.

That’s what action is.

So today make a choice, make a decision.Commit right now that you’re going to reach out to a certain amount of people. It could be 2 or 3 people or maybe even 4 or 5. If you’re not reaching out to anybody and you haven’t for weeks reach out to 2 people and just say,

“Hey, I’m part of this thing. It may or many not be a fit for you but I’d love to run it by and see if it’s something that you’d like.”

Say that, just keep it simple. But take action, imperfect action. You will not do it perfectly. It isn’t going to happen so let’s just leave that for now until you’re taking consistent action.

So I hope that this helps you and I hope you really take this action. If you’re going to take this challenge join the conversation below. Comment below on this post and let me know. Let me know that you’re actually going to take action today because I’d love to congratulate you, I’d love to recognize you, join the conversation below and comment.

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