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We hear it on the news over and over again – “recession” – “economic downturn” – doom and gloom.

Is it affecting YOU? YOUR life, YOUR family, YOUR friends?

How recession-proof is your income?

Is the rising price of gas keeping you from driving where you want, whenever you want?

Are you among the millions having to deal with foreclosure?

Even if you aren’t, you know someone who is having to make some tough decisions when it comes to money.

Of course there are lots of people that are doing FINE… in fact, plenty of businesses are doing GREAT.

How is that?

What have THEY done that so many other’s haven’t?

It’s simple – they were PREPARED. Now for a huge company, it’s EASY to be prepared, because you might have VAST stores of cash to fall back on, or huge customer lists you can promote to to keep cash flow up…

But for the beginner, the newbie… what if you don’t have that kind of leverage?

If you COULD – wouldn’t it be nice to help yourself, your family, and your friends out when times get hard, KNOWING that no matter how bad things get, your income is ROCK SOLID, DEPENDABLE, and Recession-PROOF?

You know I’m a big fan of the idea that attitude isn’t EVERYTHING when it comes to success… but it sure is a heck of a lot!

When you’re taking a financial beating and you have to choose between eating or driving to work, between buying school clothes for the kids or keeping the phone connected…

What does the voice in your head tell you?

“I can’t do it”

“It won’t work for me”

Etc. etc.

If that’s a voice you have to listen to every day, I want you to try something, just for today.

Ignore it.

Instead, think to yourself, “What CAN I do today to change my situation?” “What will it TAKE to make this work for me?” “What could I be doing RIGHT NOW instead of checking my email that could improve my fortunes?”

The truth is, there are more kitchen-tables entrepreneurs emerging from the economic chaos than at any other period in history.


The fact is, as long as you’re indispensable to your prospects…

As long as you’re offering stuff they really want and you have the skills to get your message in front of them…

And as long as you know how to produce your own leads for your business on demand — whenever you need to…

You’ll be protected from any type of recession or “economic meltdown.”

-Post taken from Ann Sieg’s email series-



Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

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