Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Most Popular 50 Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 3 – Is Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Registered in the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)? If Not, Then Why Not?

Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation does NOT have a local SEC registration and it is because SWAC is not a local traditional company that needs to be registered in any local governing body. SWAC is a legally registered international corporation in the sovereign country of Belize… as an IBC (International Business Company) company… and has fulfilled all necessary requirements an IBC company should comply with. And since our scope is GLOBAL VIA THE INTERNET, we do not have any local offices nor any local registration in any of the 200 countries where we currently have members. We operate 100% in cyberspace (internet) and do not occupy a physical space in any given municipality, city or even country. Since we operate online, we have to comply with the online laws. The same way Facebook, Google, you tube, eBay and other online companies are not registered locally with our SEC, we also follow the same regulations.

In addition, all operation, transactions, product sourcing, and product delivery are done 100% via the internet, and NOT within the soils or jurisdiction of any country… that is why there is no necessity to register locally in any of the countries wherein we have members and affiliates.

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