LITO Nucum, an overseas accounting professional, calls for more financial security benefits for OFWs.
LITO Nucum, an overseas accounting professional, calls for more financial security benefits for OFWs. SOURCE:


“There are no permanent jobs for an OFW, even if they have contracts. An employer can terminate or cancel a contract anytime,” says Pablo “Lito” Nucum, 59, a 36-year veteran OFW. He is a face of many OFWs who have experienced loss of jobs, despair, and financial insecurity.

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A graduate of the Polytechnic University of Manila, he decided to become an OFW to escape poverty. Which I really find disturbing because even though he had a college degree he still choose to work abroad. Why? There are NO job opportunities for young and inexperienced in the Philippines that can give him sufficient income to support his family.

For over 25 years he worked different jobs in Saudi Arabia and other parts of Asia.

The year 1998 was when he reached the pinnacle of his career, pay and position wise.

But like anything else, good things seems always comes to an end. He was downsized. 52 years old at that time and was already married with kids, he found his savings dwindling fast.

After 25 years of working abroad he found himself cash strapped, pride crushed to the ground from one job rejection to another.

He did try to set up a small meat processing business but the earnings were not enough to support the household and eventually the business folded.

So his only option is to find work abroad again. And he did.

Year 2008 is where he left for an administrative manager and cost-controller at a construction company in Abuja State, Nigeria.

As a veteran OFW, he still questions the benefits he will get from the government when he retires. Nucum laments that OFWs are not given enough attention and security after they go back to the Philippines.

Personally in my opinion, I cannot see our government taking an action SOON with the current situation of us OFWs. It is still up to us how we can attain financial freedom. We have to find a better way than government benefits and pensions when we retire from being an OFW.

We have to remember: LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!

Can you relate to Mr. Nucum’s story as OFW? Let me know by leaving a COMMENT below and share your stories and opinion.

SOURCE: Job security eludes many OFWs by Eunice Barbara C. Novio of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

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