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Here’s an article by Ben Brausen and he talks about Building a Blog into a Survivable Source of Income and here’s what I like best about it:

He just confirmed that blogging is easy. You’ll just have to write a good article or content and your prospects will read  it.

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Here are some additional tips from that article that can help you get started on blogging:

  • There is no perfect pattern.
  • Make it up as you go.
  • Start writing immediately and consistently.

About what? Find a niche you’re passionate about and you should be able to write forever. Don’t just pick something you think will be profitable.

If you don’t know the topic, that will come through in your writing. You have to LOVE your topic. You can’t be an expert in something you don’t know every detail about. Pick a topic and start writing.

Promote through social and build a following. Until you have content, no one is going to pay you. You have to build it and show others what you’re capable of and merit getting that payday down the line.

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Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

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