Of all the things you do to make your business work, getting lots of traffic is easily one of the most important.

You need an audience.

So what’s one of the best ways for someone on a budget to get free traffic these days?

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A lot of times when someone asks me this question and I tell them blogging I get a look of surprise.

Isn’t that so… 2004?

At one point in time there was speculation about whether micro-persuasion sites like Facebook and Twitter would make long content (like blogs) obsolete.

Some even predicted the demise of blogging.

If your primary online activities consist of talking about what you had for lunch, this may be true.

But those who are out to build a powerful internet presence have discovered that as social media has grown, blogging has become even more important.

Not less.

(Sadly, you just can’t learn everything there is to know about building a business in 140 characters)

While bite-sized bits of content do play a critical role in the personal branding process…

In the long run they really only result in serious amounts of sales and leads when used in combination with longer, more thought out pieces of content.

A blog is the backbone that weaves all your other social media activities like Facebook and Twitter together into one big profitable web.

And most importantly, it’s something you have 100% ownership and control over.

Like my friend Michel Fortin says:

“If content is king, then your blog is your castle!”

If you were to sum up my network marketing business philosophy and everything I’ve taught over the last six years it would be this:


You can build an INCOME by promoting other people’s products, content, value, and tweets.

But you can’t build a BUSINESS.

Eventually, you have to create your own assets. No one starts with all of these at once, but one-by-one, over time, you start to build:

  • Your own traffic
  • Your own list
  • Your own brand
  • Your own content
  • Your own products
  • Your own strategy
  • Your own vision
  • Your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition: what’s different about YOU?)
  • Your own network
  • Your own customers
  • Your own reputation
  • Your own team
  • Your own expertise
  • Your own ideas (if you’ve read Think and Grow Rich you know that intangible assets are just as real as tangible ones, and even more valuable)
  • Your own problems
  • Your own solutions
  • Your own failures
  • Your own successes

All of these things together make up your business.

You can’t buy it in a box. There is no system that can do it all for you.

Please write this next statement down and commit it to memory (It’s kind of long but do it anyway. If you really, truly desire financial security this is the key)

“In the same way that water ALWAYS flows to the lowest point…

Whenever competition increases, when behemoths like Google and Facebook tighten their rules, whenever the economy goes belly up… basically whenever change happens (which is all the time)…

Traffic, prospects, customers and money ALWAYS naturally gravitate towards those who own and control more assets (like the ones listed above).”

How does this apply to social media?

Well, think of it this way:

If Social Networking Is Like Going To A Big Party, Having A Blog Is Like Hosting Your Own Party!

The difference between renting and owning is no different.

You have to have a “home base.”

Creating a blog and turning it into a “profit center” that builds your brand and your list is a very simple formula…

-Post taken from Ann Sieg’s email series-



Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website ChristianCarpeso.com where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

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