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You know what? It’s your fault they say NO!

So many network marketers have something that they’re passionate about and that is really a great thing.

It might be a health product that changed your life or someone that you loved. It might be the culture of your company that you think is awesome. It might be a pay plan that you think is second to none.

Regardless of how true that is you got to know that there are other people that feel the same way in other companies.

And so once you’ve travel down the road of network marketing in a while you realize, “You know what? What I have is great but it’s not so unique that it’s going to do the trick. I’m really going to learn to have some skills to build my business.

So we all need to feel that way about what we are trying to propagate but unfortunately we think everybody’s going to see what we see and we fall into the unfortunate condition of “constipation of the brain” and “diarrhea of the mouth.”

We spout off way too soon and way too much, rather that listen.

We spout off way too soon and way too much, rather that listen.

So if you want to change your NO’s to YES’s, here’s a quick story to tell you:

You know there’s a navy shipyard that sailors use to come in for six months having their big pay checks and walking into the big city and blowing it to wine women.

So a guy wanted to do something about that, setup a coffee shop.

So they’re on the land, that the sailor would come and he was hoping that they just come in and relax take a deep breath and acclimate before they went and do stupid things and wasted all their money.

So he’d stand at the door of his coffee shop, got it all setup and invite the sailors in and they just would walk right on by not saying a thing, hardly even acknowledging he was there.

And that’s what we do as network marketer we think that people are just, “I’m going to be there, I’ve got something great, someone’s going to come in.”

And this guy has something great. He has a great coffee shop, great idea, great value and on and on. But no one would come in.

What he discovered was that if he would just, he and the people that worked there, would just go a few blocks and come up alongside a group of sailors and walk with them and strike up conversation and just relate to them for a little while.

Then when they came and approach the front door of his coffee shop he said, “Hey guys, why don’t you just come on in here for just a few minutes before you hit the town? Let’s come in and chat and talk.”

Almost all of them would come in. So that’s from 0% conversion to a 100% conversion.

What we don’t do, well as network marketers, is really listening and come along side with people before we begin to dump our load of what we think is life changing onto them.

So walk along side with people, listen, and get to know their felt needs. What it is that they want before you invite them in what you think is the greatest thing since slice bread.

Again, in order to do that you will be needing skills, specifically sponsoring skills like the following:

  • Sorting Skill
  • Answering Prospect Objections
  • Closing Skill

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Note: This blog post is a transcript of Coach Curt Johnson’s MLMers – Its Your Fault they say “NO!”



Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

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