Simple Way to Connect With People on Social Media

​Do you wanna learn a simple way to connect with people on social media like Facebook?

Now you might be wondering, “Why do I wanna learn that stuff?”

Well if you’re in a home based business chances are when you connect with people your mindset is usually, “How do I get this person to join my deal?” Or if you’re not doing that stuff you’ve encountered people that does that. And the truth is that stuff doesn’t work. It’s annoying and repels people.

What I suggest is instead of connecting with people, what you do is meet people. What do I mean by meeting people?

It’s the same as meeting people in real life. You ask things about them. You get ‘INTERESTED’ in them.
To be exact here are a couple of tips on how to exactly do that.

Find out what do you have in common. How can you relate to that person? Look for the things that connect you and your prospect. How can you assist that person? Get into the humanity of people.

A couple of things that you can ask are:

  • Where do they live
  • How are things in their place
  • How long have they been there
  • Have they been there all their life
  • If they’re in business, ask them how long have they been in business
  • What’s the reason they started out that business
  • Do they have a full time job
  • Are they working full time
  • Do they have kids

As you can see these are the same questions you might be asking when you’re meeting someone in person for the first time.

And on the conversation you just get to know more about them. Always ask yourself, “How do I get this person to trust me?” Obviously you can’t do that by pitching them your stuff immediately. You have to build a relationship first.

If you do this you’ll find that if you just ‘TALK’ to people they generally wanna tell you their story. If you don’t try to ‘SELL’ to people they will tell you personal stuff and most likely their problems. And when that time comes you then ask them what can you do to help them.

To Your Success,
Christian Carpeso

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