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Just got home last night past 8 pm. I’ve decided to eat the last of the two Whoper Jr. burger that I’ve ordered from Burger King as my dinner.

While finishing it up I’ve also watched one of our team trainings that I believe I’ve only watched twice. But I’m glad that I came across to it again and it reminded me a very important lesson on being a network marketer.

I can say that it is really a wake up call for me if I REALLY wanted to be successful in this industry.

And I wanted to share it also with you what I’ve learned.

The training is very simple and it just asked what first comes in your mind when you see these 3 words:

  • Recruiting
  • Sponsoring
  • Selling

If what comes in your mind are negative thoughts chances are that you will have a hard time being successful in this industry.
If you think of it on a business perspective, these 3 activities are the only ones that can give you income.

You can be good at inviting people to your business opportunity but unless you recruit or sponsor them or sold them a product you cannot have an income.

But why the majority of those who are starting in network marketing are having negative thoughts when it comes to recruiting, sponsoring and selling? Here are a couple of reasons:

  • You are not comfortable
  • You feel like you’re taking advantage of people
  • You feel like you’re manipulating people
  • You are afraid what might people think of you

Honestly I never realized that I’m still having these negative thoughts so starting today I am deciding that I’m going to love recruiting, sponsoring and selling.

Now this training that is specifically created for our team also talks about how you can do this why you should do this if you want to be successful in network marketing.

In order to access this training you have two options:

  1. If you’re not yet involved in network marketing you can join our team and once you became a member you can immediately access this training PLUS 16 other more Exclusive Trainings on “How to Earn Extra Income Using The Internet While at Home.” Contact me on Facebook to get more information on how you can access this training HERE.
  2. Purchase Sponsor More Downlines eBook by our Team Founder Coach Eduard Reformina and get this as a BONUS. Click HERE to avail Sponsor More Downlines.




Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

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    • sherielyn supena

      Relate po ako sa lht ng mga snbi mo sir….kya hanggang ngaun d ako mkpg sponsor…thnx po sa more ideas….

      • Christian Carpeso

        You’re welcome Sherielyn. Yun naman po ang goal ko na matulungan ang mga networkers na nag-istruggle sa kanilang network marketing business by giving them valuable information.

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