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I had this home based business training that I bought. And from that training I learned the two key elements of a successful home based business which is the following:

  1. Generating highly qualified leads
  2. Closing leads into sales

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Generating Highly Qualified Leads

In the world of home based business generating leads is also called traffic generation and it just simply means advertising, that’s all.

For a much simpler explanation, it’s like this:

  • Eyeballs on your stuff
  • Eyeballs seen your Facebook post
  • Eyeballs seen your YouTube videos

And you know what the best kind of eyeballs there is? It’s a highly qualified lead eyeballs.

But what is highly qualified lead?

These are people who approach you and are seeking for more information. This can be either through email, through the phone or a private massage on your Facebook account. These are the kind of people who are somehow trying to get your attention. They want to have what you have. As oppose to the majority of home based business owners that chase and hunt people down.

Closing Leads Into Sales

Basically this means sponsoring skills. And sponsoring skills include:

  • Sorting skill
  • Answering prospect objections
  • Closing skill

Business Security

Now in order to achieve this you need to build the three most valuable form of security you can have:

  • Your list – these are the highly qualified leads
  • Your content – this can be an ad, a squeeze page or a landing page, or a blog post
  • Your source of traffic – the most popular source of traffic is through social media, that is, Facebook, which is hugely popular

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