Three Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Using the InternetThey say going to events is essential to having success is network marketing today, however there is one certain generic event I attended this previous October which was a game changer for the industry.

Spending a week in Vegas for many, including myself, can prove to be a hazardous proposal.

The alcohol, the partying, the gaming, the … well … you understand …

Nevertheless, for this event, ‘discipline’ was the name of the game for me!

Ok, I did have my share of drinking tequila, however if you understand me … that’s quite typical.

And I did avoid business meetings to get hold of a seat at the Sports Book to view game 4 of Dodgers vs Mets playoff game. (Damn you, Mets!!).

Aside from that, I was there to learn and to network and I remained in bed every night by 11:00 pm and up in the early morning by 8:00 am!

With all the excitement surrounding the numerous super star business owners who would be speaking in front of 8,000 people at the primary event, I was in fact more ecstatic about something else …

You see, in 2014, I had actually participated in an event– specifically for people in network marketing who are making 6-figures or more annually in their business.

I was thrilled to once again, be at this special event.

And my excitement come down to ONE BIG REASON …

If you are a 6-figure earner and wish to be a 7-figure earner … OR Are a 7-figure earner and wish to remain a 7-figure earner …

Then you better find a method to be associated with 7-figure Discussions!

There’s a lot we talked about and the truly amazing thing is that this year, there was no secrecy clause mentioned, which implies I got lots to share, which will ideally offer insights for those who desire be 7-figure and 6-figure producers one day.

There’s a lot I might show you and in time, I will be sharing much of exactly what I discovered how to those who sign up for my bootcamp newsletter.

However for now, I want to focus in on exactly what was most likely the most crucial thing that was shared and talked about that whole week in Vegas.

Industry Leaders in Network Marketing Admit “Internet Marketing Works!”.

Good friends of mine, who have actually made 10s of countless dollars in network marketing, finally yielded that utilizing “Internet marketing can work!”.

19.supplemental_400x400_1Now, I’m not talking about prospecting people on social media. That’s not marketing. That’s just standard prospecting, as it’s used to the Internet. (Absolutely cool if done right, completely irritating if done incorrect.).

‘ Internet marketing’ means utilizing marketing, Facebook fan pages, blogging, e-mail blasts, sales funnels, and so on, to build.

It constantly astonished me that many leaders had this belief that Internet marketing was a “diversion,” given that a lot of them established their online brand names utilizing … well … Internet marketing!

Particularly, a kind of Internet marketing we call “attraction marketing,” which concentrated on building a faithful following online and developing a relied on brand name where people will actually purchase anything you recommend.

For many years, I had actually seen lots of people create effective network marketing companies utilizing the Internet, however obviously, my leading networking buddies had not, so they kept the belief that it cannot be done and described it frequently as a “diversion.”.

However standing in that room of about 200 6-figure & up earners, were many individuals who had actually developed their companies partly or completely online utilizing quite varied Internet methods, whom were acknowledged for their success and showed that network marketing can be done utilizing internet marketing, to name a few online methods.

And believe me, I was paying special focus on these people when they stood and shared, as did everybody else.

For that reason, as I have actually done sometimes previously, I will ruffle a couple of feathers and I’m going to show you leading 3 Internet techniques to grow your network marketing business that are in fact utilized to grow network marketing companies today!

Strategy #1: Social Media Prospecting

Strategy #1: Social Media ProspectingThis method is a technique which will appear quite familiar, due to the fact that it’s prospecting as we must constantly done it, just with an online twist.

Now prospecting on social media is NOT “Internet marketing,” nevertheless it still beats camping at Walmart.

This is the process my client, Jason, who is a 7-figure producer in network marketing teaches to his group, after their warm market goes out …

1) SEARCH– Use Facebook Search to discover ‘friends of friends’ who live in your area (a minimum of to start with).

There are a couple of factors for doing it by doing this …

First of all, Facebook authorizes you to immediately message ‘friends of friends’ so that your message enters into their primary inbox, rather of the “Other” inbox, which the majority of people do not even know exists. (I didn’t know either, prior to this).

Secondly, you start with local, since it will enable you to ultimately meet face to face with them to form a more effective individual connection. Considering that you have no previous relationship, it is essential to meet.

2) QUALIFY— Next, you take a minute to take a look at their profile and determine main interests that may resonate with you personally, your business or your products. You are also searching for more subtle things, like are they smiling in their photos? Are they outgoing? Do they appear to be a positive individual?

Remember, you are prospecting, but you are also qualifying them.

For instance, an interest in Robert Kiyosaki may suggest an interest in entrepreneurship or diversified income streams. An interest in CrossFit suggests an interest in health and wellness which may resonate with your business’s products.

3) MESSAGE— Then you craft your first message to them, which believe it or not, follows a rather conventional prospecting method.

You can develop a template, however each message will be customized to them particularly. This message will point out friends you share. You point out that you’re a recruiter for a “health & wellness company” or whatever the specific niche is, you’re “expanding in the area” and you ask if they are “open to making additional money?”

As Jason explained it, “You toss the ball in the air and see if they swing back at it.”

You DO NOT wish to be posting copy/paste messages with links to register for your opportunity. Not only is that ineffective, it’s regarded as SPAM by Facebook and can get your account closed down and get your business in problem too.

In this preliminary message, you aren’t offering them any details or links. You are merely attempting to get them to express an interest.

4) BOOK— If they “swing back,” book a one-on-one meeting, if local or at the minimum get them on the phone. You just let them understand that information are much better discussed face to face and, “if we were to work together, it’s a great opportunity to see if we would like each other!;-)”.

At this moment, if they meet with you, ideally your business or upline have actually specified a strong procedure for you to follow here.

According to Jason, he and his group experience about a 30% favorable response rate.

There are some different methods here if they do not respond to back. Some play it safe and leave the 70% that didn’t respond to back, alone.

Jason is a supporter of following up with a Second message 4-5 days later on, if they do not respond to back. It’s a brief message just to see if they a) got the First message and b) to see if they are interested. In some cases they do not get the first message or see the message when they remain in the middle of something and forget to respond to back.

The Second message, will normally double his general outcomes vs just sending out 1 message.
Sending out a 3rd follow-up message is not suggested. At this point, you presume a “NO” and move on.

Speaking of moving on … here’s another cool technique …

Strategy #2: The ‘Mouse Trap’ Method

Strategy #2: The ‘Mouse Trap’ MethodThis procedure is quite basic and depending upon your character, might or might not be terrific for you. This basically includes publishing your outcomes on social media (i.e. setting the ‘mouse trap’) and awaiting people to reveal an interest by means of the remarks or personal message. (i.e SNAP!!!).

In addition, to enhance results, you can include a CALL TO ACTION to message you, if they want more information.

From a ‘leading with the opportunity’ angle, this would include publishing photos and announcements about your ‘rags to riches’ story, income results, and the effect it’s made on your way of life. (Certainly, you can just do this if you’ve gotten results.).

I’ve seen people whom I know personally deploy this method with excellent success, however I’m an individual that is extremely careful of this method and I might see you encountering compliance or perhaps legal issues, if great deal of people in your business are doing this. I personally do not like this angle due to the fact that it can piss off your real life friends & family, however I understand it can work well too, since let’s face it, many people have a desire for more income.

Additionally, with a ‘leading with the product’ angle, the mouse trap technique might be extremely effective and normally more friendly & company safe, particularly if the outcomes you are publishing relates to an individual or consumer study. This angle will help you generate more clients and a few of those clients might reveal an interest in business, after they fall in love with the product.

We have actually seen this angle run widespread with weight-loss challenges & study, which still work remarkably well, however can likewise deal with other products, if there is a noticeable and clear outcome that was produced from product use.

For instance, I must seen people in travel companies, post photos of their high-end vacation/trips and reveal how little they spent for that experience.

Or you can publish images of yourself running a marathon, triathlon, or whatever, which would not have actually been possible without specific supplements.

Basically, show everybody linked to you on social media a desirable change in your life, accomplished in part or as a direct outcome of your product.

You follow whatever procedure you have actually been taught for closing people once they express an interest.

For closing offline after utilizing technique # 1 or # 2 for getting the possibility, I would advise training by Tim Sales on presenting, closing, and enrolling brand-new reps.

However if “closing” people is not your thing, then there’s my preferred Internet method, which I have actually used in my business for the past 9 years …

Strategy #3: ‘Attraction Marketing’

Strategy #3: ‘Attraction Marketing’I believe we all recall that the year 2015 as the tipping point for when Internet marketing (i.e. passive online selling & recruiting) was finally legitimized as the force it should have to be acknowledged as, in network marketing.

Person after person, stood at the 6-Figure Summit stating they grew their companies, mainly utilizing Internet marketing.

Now, if they were just 6-figure earners, what has occurred in the past is that ‘old schoolers’ would dismiss their success as a ‘fluke’ or ‘non-duplicatable.’.

Nevertheless, 2 seats from me sat a female called Hayley who stood when 7-figure earners were asked to recognize themselves and she honestly stated that she built online and she explained her method.

What she described as the formula for her business was precisely an approach we have been teaching at Elite Marketing Pro for several years, which we call ‘attraction marketing,’ detailed in our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp readily available here and published an e-book on called Attraction Marketing Formula.

In addition to Hayley, others stood and shared really comparable methods.

These folks didn’t message complete strangers online templated messages like in Strategy # 1.

They didn’t fill their friend’s News Feeds with very finely veiled promos for an opportunity or product as in Technique # 2.

What they did was they produced a genuinely passive method of ensuring that when they got up each early morning …

They would have an inbox filled with notifications, letting them know that there were 10, 20, 50, and even numerous brand-new potential customers, interested in finding out more about their opportunity or product.

They would also have an inbox filled with notifications of 5 – 10 brand-new CLIENTS waiting to get their product and delighted about the possibility it holds for them.

They would also have an inbox filled with notifications of 5 – 10 brand-new DISTRIBUTORS prepared to get registered (or alreadyly registered while you slept), waiting to be led in their brand-new amazing endeavor.

You see, practically each kind of business worldwide is now utilizing proven, passive and scalable internet marketing & advertising methods.

So why NOT your network marketing business? The only reason would be if it wasn’t a REAL business. However you and I know much better.

There is a proven method to build online and you can find out more about it here through my bootcamp.

Much like anything else in business, this will take work and research study.

However eventually, improving your ability by moving you into the 21st century. Are you prepared for this journey?

Look forward to working with you.

Ferny Ceballos



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