Exclusive photos show Vhong Navarro after he was allegedly tied up and attacked by a group of men inside a condominium unit in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig on Wednesday. Source: ABS-CBN News

January 25, 2013 both news and popular social media platforms Facebook & Tweeter has revealed the incident by popular actor Vhong Navarro. He was beaten up by a couple of men. It was so severe that he will likely to go under surgery.

I for one is sympathizing on what has happen to Vhong Navarro.

But the funny thing is that it seems my brother’s girlfriend was not happy about all the sympathy that the actor is getting. Here’s what she has to say and of course my reply to her opinion:

My Brother’s Girlfriend: Dami nakiki-simpatya kay Vhong ah. Palibhasa artista kasi at sikat. Pero kung sa ordinaryong tao lang yun nangyari, malamang ang comment ng mga tao, “Ayan loko loko siguro yan kaya ayan ang napala! Dapat lang yan sa kanya” etc.. or baka nga wala pa tayong pakialam.
Di nga natin alam yung “TUNAY” na dahilan bakit nangyari yun kay Vhong eh.. Di ko sinasabing dapat lang yun sa kanya. Pero dapat isipin natin, hindi porke’t artista eh matuwid nang tao.. Kung tutuusin nga, ordinaryong tao lang din sila, nagkataon lang na ang trabaho nila ay pagaartista. Ewan ko ba bakit masyadong mataas ang tingin ng mga tao sa kanila, kaya nakakalimutan nilang katulad lang din nila yung mga artista. Pare-parehas lang tayong tao. Nakagagawa ng mali. Sana lang di nyo yun nakakalimutan noh?
Marami pa tayong hindi alam sa likod ng kamera. Hindi lahat ng nilalabas sa media eh totoo.
Opinyon ko lang naman. Masyado kasing one-sided mga posts na nakikita ko dito sa Facebook eh. Hoho!

Me: Nope hindi sya ordinaryong tao…

My Brother’s Girlfriend: bakit hindi?

Me: Sya po ay sikat na tao na maraming na-inspire na tao..

My Brother’s Girlfriend: Mali yung kaisipan na ibilang ang mga artista sa mga “hindi ordinaryong tao”. Kung tutuusin walan naman talagang ordinaryo at hindi ordinaryo. Masyadong mababaw na gawing basehan yung kasikatan at kayamanan ng tao para sabihing hindi sya ordinaryo.

Me: Well masakit mang tanggapin ang katotohanan pero importante pa din sa majority ng mga tao ang status. Kaya wag kang magtaka kung bakit madaming nakikisimpatya kay Vhong meron sya status o estado sa lipunan na wala ang mga ordinaryong tao.

My Brother’s Girlfriend: dapat yung last line “na wala ang ibang tao.” di dapat ordinaryong tao. mga baluktot pagiisip ng mga taong nakikisimpatya sa kanya dahil lang sa “sikat” sya. di nga nila alam yung totoong dahilan eh. masyado silang nagpapadala sa nilalabas ng media.

Me: Hindi po baluktot na pag-iisip yun. Dahilan lang yun ng “perceived status” na meron sya.

I have to be honest. I’m just messing with her because in my mind an idea has just sprung in.

As may have not known, I’m an online marketer/internet marketer and over the last 18 months I have been studying, learning and implementing strategies that I’ve learned from industry leaders.

And here’s one of the things that I’ve learned:

In the industry of network marketing credibility is vital and most network marketers don’t have it. That’s why new distributors are automatically branded as scam artists and network marketing as a complete joke.

If we go back to the conversation that I’ve had with my brother’s girlfriend she pointed out a couple if thing about Vhong Navarro as an actor:

  • He immediately has symphaty of the people by being an popular actor.
  • As opposed to ordinary people they are immediately judged or we might not even care
  • He’s just an ordinary guy like most of us.
  • People have high regards on actors like Vhong Navarro without even looking what he really is personally.

In which I disagree not because she’s wrong but because I’m just pointing out something an online marketer/internet marketer like you and I should understand:

That in this industry in order for us to recruit, sponsor or sell a product we must have a recommendation power.

Have you ever wondered why in most advertisements they are using popular actors and actresses? It’s because of their recommendation power that they’ve attained by gaining credibility ranking or perceived status.

Can network marketers attain this credibility ranking or perceived status just like Vhong Navarro and other popular actors and actresses? In our industry, definitely YES! Again, primarily in the network marketing industry.

But how are we going to attain that? You have to stop being ordinary and begin differentiating yourself from the crowd.

As the matriarch of attraction marketing Ann Sieg said:

The #1 most over-looked (and therefore most powerful) marketing strategy in the network marketing industry is differentiation.

The #1 most over-looked (and therefore most powerful) marketing strategy in the network marketing industry is differentiation. – Ann Sieg

This is your key to establish your own credibility ranking and perceived status as a network marketer. In order to do that you have to learn Attraction Marketing.

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Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website ChristianCarpeso.com where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

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