Meron akong isang co-worker. Everytime may napapanuod syang movie na sa palagay nya ay maganda, he doesn’t hesitate to tell us that the movie was great.

A guy that got surprised when a woman whispered something to him
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Although most of the time ‘yung mga recommendation nya hindi naman ako personally nagandahan, he did a good job of convincing us to check out and watch the movie.

Sa network marketing ito ‘yung tinatawag nila na word of mouth advertising, which is considered the most powerful form of advertising there is.

Well, at least ito ‘yung perfect example na pwede kong ibigay para i-illustrate ang word of mouth.

And again, sa network marketing word of mouth is associated with sharing our products/opportunity. Madalas mo ng mababasa at madidinig ‘yung popular na phrase “we just share our products/opportunity.”

But is it really just sharing when it comes to our products or opportunity?

Let us examine carefully.

Dun sa binigay kong example about my co-worker, clearly he has nothing to gain financially dun sa kanyang personal recommendation about a certain movie and that’s word of mouth aka sharing at its best.

But here’s where it gets messy when we share our product/opportunity.

It’s not word of mouth anymore.


Because you will gain something financially when you recommend your product/opportunity.

It’s not sharing anymore. It’s called selling.

Understand this: Anytime you’re asking another person to give you money in exchange for something, you’re talking about sales.

Selling is not sharing and sharing is not selling.

At ‘yung ganitong concept ay magkakaron ng matinding consequence dun sa mga nagsisimula pa lamang sa home based business.

Why? Kasi ito ‘yung mga magiging side effects:

  1. Meron na kaagad kakulangan sa proper sales training kasi kung sharing lang ang gagawin at hindi sales, hindi mo na kailangan ng sales skills. Kaya madalas mong makikitang reklamo ng mga baguhang home based business owners, “Bakit wala pa din akong kinikita?” or “Bakit wala pa din akong napapasali?”
  2. Para mo na ding sinet up for failure ‘yung mga ire-recruite mo kasi binigayan mo sila ng maling expectation na napakadali lang gawin ang isang home based business. Ang impression tuloy sa kanila is that they are only doing sharing when in fact they are doing selling.

Why do people in this industry do this?

Isang dahilan is ayaw nilang takutin ‘yung mga magiging prospect nila. Madalas mo ng mababasa at madidining yung, “Madali lang ‘to! Share mo lang kung gaano kaganda ang product/opportunity mo automatic na bibili kaagad ang prospect mo.”

Common knowledge na kasi na ayaw ng tao ng sales. Kaya pilit na pinagtatakpan ng mga uplines at sponsors ang mapait na katotohanang:

If You Are In Network Marketing, You Are Also In Sales

I want to share something that I’ve read in a popular book about network marketing aka home based business. The author stated:

Learning effective sales techniques is mandatory for success. You have to understand the sales process and what really motivates people.

For starters, know that…

When It Comes To Selling (And Therefore Network Marketing), Far Too Much Attention Is Paid To The Product And Far Too Little Attention Is Paid To The Person Doing The Buying!

Because there is one thing and one thing only that’s on your prospect’s mind…“What’s in it for me?”

And the successful salesperson is not the one who knows their product inside and out and can talk the other person’s ear off…it’s the one who can best make the connection between their prospect’s true desires and how their product/service will fulfill those desires.

Simply getting excited and telling someone about your product is not enough to consistently bring in sales. – The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Kung ikaw ay isang network marketer o ikaw ay nagbabalak mag-start ng sarili mong home based business don’t fall into this trap na ang kailangan mo lang sa’yong business is to share your product/opportunity.

You need to learn effective sales technique!

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