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I was doing this mindset training from one of the training that I’ve purchased online. On that training it talks about the number 1 indicator of success, how ordinary people become extraordinary. It also talks about how long do you intend to work your business until you reach success. In order to achieve that you need to know what motivates you, how do you stay motivated. You need to have the ability to visualize your future outcome. Here’s how you do that, you have to have the following:

  • Using a dream board for a desirable outcome – this is a common exercise in network marketing where you find pictures related to that goal that you want to reach and you create your big poster board of it. If you work hard and stay focused you’re going to reach those goals.
  • Using a nightmare board for an undesirable outcome – there will not be a lot of excitement behind this exercise but you also need to clip out pictures of what’s going to happen if you don’t reach your goals. You need to make it as big and bad and ugly as possible.

But here’s what struck me: The training says the nightmare board will serve as a constant pain reminder, because pain will motivate us more than pleasure.

Pain Will Motivate Us More Than Pleasure

So your primary motivator should be the avoidance of pain. You will do anything to avoid it. Because as humans once we experience pain we don’t want to have it repeated. Now with this I realize why I am doing this whole online business, home based business. I want to avoid what my parents experienced in their 35 years of marriage, especially for my father. He spent most of his years away from my mother, with me, my sister and my younger brother because he’s an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in Saudi Arabia. We only spent couple of months together every two years during his vacation. SEE ALSO: My Life Story I have a family of my own now and I’m also an OFW here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And when I look into my situation I see myself life my parents, away from my family not being able to see my daughter grow up, not being able to hold her or to kiss her. It pains me to only see her and my wife on Skype. So if you ask me why I am doing this business? Again, I want to avoid the pain that my parents have experienced. Now what about you?

  • Do you have the same pain as me?
  • Are you also an OFW longing to be re-united with your loved ones in the Philippines?
  • You have to work abroad because it’s the only way you know that you can earn an income that will provide for them.

But what if there’s another way?

  • A source of income where you don’t have to be away with your loved ones?
  • A source of income where it can provide for the needs of your family back in the Philippines?
  • A source of income where you can buy the things that you want and go the places that you want to go with your family?

There are thousands of OFWs who are using this source of income as we speak. Some of them have stopped working abroad because the income that they get from this opportunity is more than enough to provide for them. Some are still doing it because they are motivated by the pain of being away with their loved ones and they believe that this is the way that will take away that pain. Do you still have the same pain like us? Let me help you and relieve you of that pain. But I cannot help you if you don’t want to. But if you do, here’s an opportunity than can possibly take away your pain. GO here NOW —> http://bit.ly/pinoyhbb P.S. If you like this post, don’t forget to “SHARE” it or leave your comment below. P.S.S. You can also add me on Facebook here —> https://www.facebook.com/christian.carpeso



Christian Carpeso
Christian Carpeso

Christian Carpeso is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently based in Dubai, UAE. He's also the owner of the website ChristianCarpeso.com where he constantly publish articles that helps network marketers how to generate leads and recruit using the internet.

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